Life without Fitaly? I hope not!!

Posted by Darrell , 10/03/2010, 23:56:15 Reply   Forum

Well, I'm not looking forward to using a pda without Fitaly. I have a Samsung Omnia II and it really sucks as a piece of hardware. It's the only WinMo option I have in my area that has a half decent sized screen. I refuse to go to Blackberry, which is what my IT dept wants me to do. It just doesn't have Fitaly.

So, what to do if I need a new device? Please, please, Marianne and Emmanuel, port this great product over to Android. I've tried Swype, which is quite good but still pales in comparison to Fitaly's ability to make custom slides. Why nobody but Fitaly has incorporated something like this, I just don't know.

There's a potentially huge market there in the Android world. Also, what about Windows Phone 7? Any plans for those platforms?

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