Enable Fitaly on Android

Re: Simply because we don't believe -- Emmanuel
Posted by Mubashir , 04/10/2011, 03:29:28 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Dear Emmanuel, please think of licensing Fitaly to developers, so that the Android Market will give you returns. You could allow the use of Fitaly patent by researchers, so that similar keyboards can come up in many languages.
One can recognize a QWERTY typist on a smartphone from a distance - it is taxing. Fitaly allows a relaxed stance - only one hand needed and you can hold the phone at your comfortable height and write even standing in Metro. Fitaly will be extremely useful for Android Tablets. I am considering giving up the netbook for the Tablet. But dont want to struggle tapping on the glassplate. Android Tablet is your opportunity. To speed up arrival of Fitaly, please licence it to developers.

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