iPhone & Windows Phone don't allow keyboard replacement. Android does.

Re: Does Windows Mobile still exist now there is Windows Phone 7? -- Robert Carnegie 2010
Posted by Juan G ® , 12/10/2010, 15:21:14 Reply Top of Thread Forum

For now, Microsoft is also offering Windows Phone 6.5, which seems to be Windows Mobile 6.5 renamed. It's useful for businesses until old apps develop a Windows Phone 7 version (not compatible with Windows Mobile apps).

However, for Windows Phone 7, "Microsoft took the Apple approach and doesn’t allow swapping of keyboards" (see The Windows Phone 7 Review).

That is, Palm, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile allowed other keyboards to replace the default keyboard for all applications. Now, on the contrary, iPhone and Windows Phone 7 only allow keyboards as separate apps, and you need to copy and paste between them and other apps. That's not practical if you need to edit documents frequently.

Luckily, there is Android to have real keyboard replacements that work directly on all apps. Until there is a future Fitaly version for Android, we can try different keyboards such as MessagEase, SlideIT (similar to Swype), etc.

But I think Fitaly would be the best keyboard, especially using a capacitive stylus for the new finger touch screens.

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