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Re: I wonder if that is true -- Emmanuel
Posted by Juan G ® , 12/10/2010, 20:31:16 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Emmanuel wrote:
> "Microsoft took the Apple approach and doesn’t allow swapping of keyboards"
> Can somebody confirm this? It may be true but I can hardly believe it.

About the new Windows Phone 7, I haven't seen an official confirmation from Microsoft, just some people saying it, like at:

Swype on Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 On-Screen Keyboard Demo
What does Windows Phone 7 keyboard look like?

It seems that, unless there is a policy change, keyboards will be separate apps needing copy/paste on Windows Phone 7, like on the iPhone.

I'm still using Fitaly replacing the default keyboard on an old Pocket PC. Let's hope there will be a Fitaly for Android later, so that we can have the same, Fitaly working directly to edit documents, etc. on all apps.

This point alone has decided for me to discard iPhone and Windows Phone and to go to Android after my Pocket PC will stop working.

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