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Re: Android is the most likely target -- Emmanuel
Posted by georgemurdock , 02/27/2012, 01:32:59 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Wow! This company is unbelievable! Never have I seen more success in coming up with an industry changing idea, coupled with such failure as a company.
The reason textware hasn't made money on the FITAYLY keyboard in years should be haven't offered a product relavent to todays market in years! It's absolutely true that FITALY when first introduced served a very neiche market - the IT/tech crowd. It's understandable that you didn't make money in such a small market. Even the giants like Palm didn't survive! But today its an entirely different game...smartphones have changed the way the world communicates...and textware is missing out! No longer a neiche market...everyone is using smartphones. From my 11 year old nephew to my 80 year old father, EVERY demographic is now the target market! Your sitting on a gold mine, yet you've done nothing with it since the days of the PDA dinosaur!
People look at my PDA with confusion...they don't even know what it is! It's time for textware to come out of the dark ages or step aside so someone else can bring this product to one of the largest markets in the world!
The sad reality is that FITALY could change the way the world uses their smartphones, but instead its dead in the water and textware is going to take it to their grave!
I would pay $1000.00 without hesitation to have FITALY on my android devices! If you won't sell it to me, let someone else sell it to me!
FITALY, and textware, would be a success if only the world could get their hands on it!
By the way, I'm typing this on my smartphone, painfully with a qwerty keyboard.

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