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Re: Life without Fitaly? I hope not!! -- Darrell
Posted by Robert Carnegie 2010 , 11/09/2010, 02:02:30 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Some ideas:

Android is available in the form of larger tablet devices. If you can also type normally, a large touchscreen may let you do that. However, some Android tablets don't get access to the Android app store - that's mainly used for the telephones. You don't -need- to use the app store, but perhaps that's what your IT unit has in mind.

A product called BlindType, which is unreleased but apparently lets you type straight onto a touchscreen whilst your fingers wander away from where the keyboard is, and the keyboard follows you, apparently has been bought out by Google, with the first apparent consequence apparently being to close the product's own web site.

Another tool, 8Pen, apparently asks you to stroke out from a central dot and then -dial- around to generate the letter you want. Well, too much stroking to suit me, but you might get along with it. I find that Fitaly doesn't interfere with QWERTY keyboard skills (but crippling pain in hands and forearms does; I don't know whether you can learn this 8Pen -alongside- Fitaly, too.

But you may be able to control a real or virtual Android system on a Windows tablet computer, either just by downloading the Android development environment (which may be however only licensed to real sorftware developers), or by having a separate computer, and software such as any version of VNC.

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