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Re: More options -- Robert Carnegie 2010
Posted by Darrell , 11/09/2010, 12:06:04 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Thanks Robert
I've seen these apps. CooTek's Touchpal seems to be promising. The problem with them all is that they lack the most useful feature of Fitaly, that being the ability to create customized slides. Why no other developer has caught on to this, I'll never know. People talk on forums about how the developers need to do things like add a button for smileys or something else equally benign and marginally of value. Add user customizable shortcuts, and I don't mean something like Fitaly's glossaries. Several do that. I mean being able to put the words and phrases you most often use in your business on quick access methods, such as slides. This is HUGE. Even automating the entry of commonly entered words, like "the", "that", "this", etc., etc. is very handy. I put these on slide directions by themselves so that I only have to slide, with no regard for accuracy. I put multiple entries on north only. Picking off a list like that is not as fast and accurate as when the entry's by itself. You just slide. Awesome stuff once you've customized it. I'm an architect working on school design & construction projects. I have words like "school", "design", "construction" on slides. When I find I'm working a lot on a particular project, I add it's name to a slide. It takes a short amount of time to do it, so I just do. Fantastic stuff. Punctuation is always there on slides, at least the most oft used ones. Numbers are there also. Much reduced requirement to hit the "123" button to get to the numbers screen (which I do go to if I'm entering more numbers, like in a spreadsheet).

Come on Fitaly, port this amazing program over to other OSes, like Android, Blackberry OS6 or iPhone. Man, the potential!

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