Windows Mobile -Fitaly's OS- on just 3% of smartphones (2010 stats)

Re: Android is the most likely target -- Emmanuel
Posted by Juan G , 11/11/2010, 01:00:26 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Emmanuel wrote:
> And while Fitaly is very popular amongst its current users, one has to realize that it is a small community. Textware has not made $$$ with Fitaly since the PalmPilot.

Of course, that's probably because Fitaly is not available for the operating systems running on 97% of today's smartphones.

From Wikipedia: Smartphone (including a graph), share of 2010 Q2 smartphone sales to end users by operating system, according to Gartner:

Symbian 37%
Android 25%
Apple (iPhone) 17%
RIM (BlackBerry) 15%
Windows Mobile 3%
Linux 2%
Other 1%

It's natural that users keep asking for Fitaly on other platforms. And listening to the users is the #1 key to success, as Google knows well:

"Ten things we know to be true
1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.

(Google: Our philosophy)

Emmanuel wrote:
> However, if we decide to port Fitaly to another platform, as of today, I would say Android is the most likely target.

Thank you for considering it, for Android and hopefully more platforms (iPhone, etc.).

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