Does Windows Mobile still exist now there is Windows Phone 7?

Re: Graph: Symbian 37%, Android 25%, Apple 17%, RIM 15%, Windows Mobile 3% -- Juan G
Posted by Robert Carnegie 2010 , 11/17/2010, 14:48:33 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Windows Phone 7 isn't compatible - or not very much.

An Android version of Fitaly to run on Samsung Galaxy Tab would improve the odds of my buying both. It does have the interesting Swype, but I think it isn't for me. And there was supposed to be that speech recognition app.

Did I discover before that MessagEase is now on Android and iPhone, as well as several other platforms? It says "new" for Android. My experience of trying it out, though, a long time ago - or maybe only comparing to Fitaly use - is that its system (as I recall) where many common letters are strokes instead of taps (which the -most- common letters are), is tiring: like writing in Fitaly all-caps by stroking each letter. That gets dull very fast. And then it gets sore.

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