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Posted by patrickwest , 02/27/2012, 04:07:50 Reply Top of Thread Forum

georgemurdock wrote:
> I would pay $1000.00 without hesitation
> to have FITALY on my android devices! If
> you won't sell it to me, let someone else
> sell it to me!

Sadly you are the exception. I was over on the DDHsoftware forum looking for info on the availability of the forms addon for Android. They have ported HanDBase to Android but found it simply does not sell well enough to justify to money to develop the forms addon.

Browsing around several sites it appear that Android users as a whole are less willing to pay for apps that users of other platforms.

> you haven't offered a product
> relevant to today's market in years!

At one time the Pocket PC had overtaken Palm in sales of devices yet despite offering a PPC version and a Windows Tablet version they didn't make money.

If Windows Phone or Android Tablets ever develop some traction I am sure the Textware folks will develop and market Fitaly for those platforms. If Apple ever unlocks iOS and provides API support we will likely see an iPhone/iPad version.

If you really want Fitaly for Android lobby HTC and Motorola and Samsung and so forth to include a version with their phones. If a phone maker came to the Textware folks offering even a tiny tiny amount per phone to include it with every android phone they made it wouldn't take much for Textware to break even on the deal.

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