Fitaly frontpage: "Pocket PC / Windows Mobile", not just "Pocket PC"

Re: Windows Mobile -Fitaly's OS- on just 3% of smartphones (2010 stats) -- Juan G
Posted by Juan G , 11/12/2010, 09:43:02 Reply Top of Thread Forum

A good part of the new Windows Mobile users don't know what "Pocket PC" is or was. So, they look at the Fitaly frontpage, currently with no mention of Windows Mobile among the versions, and think there is not one available for them, therefore leaving the site without checking the inner pages where Windows Mobile is listed.

Since Microsoft dropped the old name Pocket PC in favor of "Windows Mobile Classic", but there still are Pocket PC users, in my opinion the Fitaly frontpage should mention "Pocket PC / Windows Mobile", not just "Pocket PC". I think you probably agree on this needed update.

That is to say, not only Windows Mobile users are only 3% of current smartphone users, the fact that Windows Mobile is not even mentioned on the Fitaly frontpage is probably reducing the number of users that could consider Fitaly to under 1%.

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