Fitaly for the Tungsten T3 -- First Beta

Posted by Jean Ichbiah ® , Wed, Oct 29, 2003, 18:55:55 Reply   Forum


This is our first beta version of Fitaly on a Tungsten T3.

It currently uses the FitalyStamp 3 software and works with a skin over the Dynamic Input Area. (Later versions may use FitalyVirtual.)

To use it, set the input area to use the Wide mode: Go to Preferences/Input and choose wide.

Then install the file T3FitalySkin.prc, contained in the attached zip archive. You will be asked to allow a soft reset of your T3. After the reset, you will see Fitaly as in the image.

This first beta works only on Portrait mode.

You can use it quite well: All features work, including all slides and the launcher features (MRU list and application bar). But we have already observed the following limitations (and you may find others) :

Jean Ichbiah and Alan Weiner
Related link: -- No longer available -- This downloads the full version

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