Fitaly Finger Layout

Posted by Emmanuel , 12/10/2008, 21:37:11 Reply   Forum


We are planning to release a finger layout of Fitaly.

Being still in the early stages of our design I thought it might be interesting to share some ideas with you. This layout has often been requested by our user base in the past. Furthermore, this finger layout would probably be close to what we could propose on the iPhone later on.

This is what we plan for now.

The main panel would be our trademark Fitaly letter panel:

We would have a slightly modified sidebar with a backspace, a return, a Shift key and a 123 button giving access to numbers, punctuations and frequently used characters such as @ and $.

We are planning to give access to a selection of less used symbols on a shifted 123 panel still to be designed.

I am looking forward to hear what you think, what you expect.

Best regards,

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