Fitaly and Swype/SlideIT

Re: Miss Fitaly for HD2 as well -- colinchee
Posted by Darrell , 03/12/2010, 22:50:26 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I tried SlideIT to see if I could stand to live without Fitaly. The answer was an emphatic NO!! The swiping action certainly is good (I like not having to be perfectly on the keys) but losing slides would cripple me. I use them extensively. I've also thought that some kind of a merging of Fitaly with swiping would be amazing. I couldn't think of how to do it but I'm intrigued by your idea of using 2 fingers because of multi-touch. The other thing SlideIT or Swype has that Fitaly doesn't is word prediction, which allows for being less than precise in key hits.

What a combination it would be to have:
- Fitaly non-qwerty layout (very efficient)
- slides and their incredible customizability
- swiping without having to be perfectly precise on the keys
- word prediction (as opposed to glossaries)

Now that would be something.

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