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Posted by Digee ® , 12/24/2009, 07:38:41 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Fitaly is an excellent keyboard. Although I like some aspects of the
fingerboard, here is my rendering of a possible keyboard. I use the medium keyboard on a LG Incite, which works pretty well, but some of the keys do not show up on the screen. Sliding helps me use these keys when necessary. I use the z, v, and k key to pull up a lot of slide options. I really believe that having punctuation and number keys are mandatory on a finger board. Yes, I could always slide for these keys, but Fitaly’s current incarnation gives me the option to use half or full keys for numbers. For seldom used keys, create a keybar. I think an octogon key shape could work well, but a square might be okay too. The current circles waste too much room in my opinion. Regards, Digee
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James Garritson

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