Miss Fitaly for HD2 as well

Re: Miss Fitaly after upgrading to HTC HD2 -- jlingo
Posted by colinchee , 02/20/2010, 13:01:42 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I agree, really need a finger friendly version for fitaly.

I have another suggestion: why not team up with www.swype.com or http://www.dasur.co.il/Product/SlideIT/SlideIT.php and produce a 'sliding' keyboard with fitaly layout? Fitaly will be ideal for very 'efficient' swyping with minimal travel on one fingerl. Of course, you'd lose the 'slide' functionality of Fitaly but that can be easily 'fixed' by using the 'multi-touch' capability of the upcoming windows Mobile phones. It is already available with the HTC HD2. I can imagine sliding with 2 fingers and that will be interpreted as a 'slide' function.

Alternatively as an 'interim' solution to those devices that don't have multitouch is perhaps a 'tap' on a qualifier key which turns 'pure tapping' mode ON and becomes a standard fitaly keyboard with sliding expansion.

I think slides expansion are still important because of the ability to program little macros like inserting today's date etc. Swype keyboard allows capitalization by swyping up and above the keyboard area. That could be taken advantage of to execute slide-expansion.

Other alternatives could be a 'U-turn' slide gesture such that a 'West' slide followed by an 'East' slide back to the original key would execute 'West' slide-expansion.

What do you think?


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