redesign for WM6.5 on HTC HD2

Re: What is this capacitive screen? -- tekguru
Posted by FletcherB , 05/08/2010, 18:24:01 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I disagree the capacative screen is an improvement over the stylus screen, but it's here for now. I have a suggestion on how fitaly can be redesigned for thumb/finger use: do with it what was originally done, which is to lay out the keyboard for optimum use. In this case, my opinion is that full-alphabet-in-one-touch layouts make keys that are too small for convenience. The result is many typos. The T9 idea therefore appeals, where the high number of characters is accessed in fewer spaces but with more taps. There is a keyboard around, "M8," that does this nicely - but predictably, its letters appear alphabetically, and the number of taps any specific letter requires is determined by where it falls in the alphabet, _not_ by user convenience. Fitaly can apply its original orientation, of commonest keystrokes and clusters, with the result that characters and sequences used most often would appear nearby and would require the fewest taps. 'E', for example, should only require one tap and should appear where it's easiest to hit - to me, closer to the screen edge, probably on the right side. With this sort of redesign, all fitaly's original, invaluable research and computation can be repurposed to the current, stylus-free environment.

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