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Re: Fitaly Finger Layout -- Emmanuel
Posted by Robin ® , 12/13/2008, 01:28:47 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi Emmanuel,

Yes I do fancy one :) but I resist confirming I like it without having a chance to try it on my screen with my size fingers. I guess that's a request for a test version :)

For the layout itself, one idea is modifying your idea of splitting a key into two functions. As those are now, both halves are different characters. What if the button had two symbols on it, but the second symbol showed a slide (it doesn’t matter where on the button you press). For example, the top right button is a backspace, the one beneath it is an enter. If those two keys were combined, pressing the button would give a backspace, sliding would give an enter. That would free up one button space, which itself could be two characters. Basically trading some slide customizing for seeing more characters or control keys on the screen.

I'd LIKE to see a third kb layout being symbols added to the abc and 123 layouts. Using the above split key idea, the 123 key could switch to the other two. I'm sure I would find myself switching from abc to symbol more often than from abc to 123.

Another idea, maybe the i button on the bottom right need only be on the abc kb. It doesn’t seem needed on all the layouts.

On the 123 kb the two purple rows could “rotate” to show different sets of symbols. Either the two bottom keys (for example) could be rotate left and rotate right keys to switch symbols, or just one key with a slide could do both, or the bottom right (used to be) “i” button could rotate them.

Also, maybe you could add a T9 function that uses the same T9 logic/dictionary of the device since the younger generation are avid users.

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