fitaly for Android

Re: What is this capacitive screen? -- Emmanuel
Posted by FletcherB , 04/22/2012, 17:22:00 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I'm writing to suggest - insist? - as others have that fitaly be written for Android. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Note, which uses a stylus, and I am continually frustrated by the ill-planned keyboards available. I've read you feel cautious because HanDBase for Android hasn't sold well, but if true that reasoning is utterly illogical (pardon my candor), like saying you don't want to design a car because tanks aren't selling well - and third-rate thanks, at that. (I bought HanDBase for Android, from hunger, but hardly use it and will buy a true relational database as soon as I find one.) Thank you. Please do this. I've seen fitaly code is available by hack, unethically if not illegally, and I hope you won't force me to turn to this alternative.

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