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Re: Fitaly Finger Layout - My 2 cents -- Robin
Posted by Marianne ® , 12/15/2008, 04:00:17 Reply Top of Thread Forum


Thank you for your thoughts.

Basically trading some slide customizing for seeing more characters or control keys on the screen.

Are there any characters you want absolutely on the first panel more than any of those that are there now? Remember you can have any character you don't have on the first panel with a custom slide.
Also remember, now we are tapping with a finger, not with a stylus. I think it is preferable to leave as much customization as possible to the user, and keep the layouts as close to what users are familiar with.

The split number panel in the smaller sizes is a bonus to have both the numbers and punctuations available without having to go to the 123 panel. With the finger layout, we don't have that bonus.

I think it is important to keep the 123 panel with the original number layout.

I'd LIKE to see a third kb layout being symbols added to the abc and 123 layouts. Using the above split key idea, the 123 key could switch to the other two. I'm sure I would find myself switching from abc to symbol more often than from abc to 123.

There will be 3 panels, and if I am not mistaken you can use slides to change panels. The question is what gets the priority for being on the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd panel. In your case you would have either a slide that gets you to the symbol panels or rather slides on the letters: for instance, p for parentheses to get ( or )

Another idea, maybe the i button on the bottom right need only be on the abc kb. It doesn’t seem needed on all the layouts.

Would you like to see the side bar change? What would you want to see on the info key?

Thanks again for your feedback.


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