Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone

Posted by Grouchycabi , 12/29/2009, 23:59:35 Reply   Forum


I have been a faithful and loyal user of Fitaly since the Pocket PC days of 2000. Recently, I upgraded my HTC HD to HTC HD2 and found that I couldn't use Fitaly on it at all, as I was unable to input any User Name. After a few agonising days, I sold the HTC HD2. Luckily I was able to sell it at the same price and did not incur any loss.

My wife, her family, and many of my friends and colleagues have long switched to the iPhone after it came out. They have been singing praises of the tens of thousand of fantastic Apps for the iPhone and its ease of use. I have been resisting the changeover, exactly BECAUSE of Fitly. I use Fitaly all the time and have been adept at it. I send many smses and emails a day. I just couldn't get back the Qwerty keyboard (or so I thought).

But because I was so desperate, I re-contracted one of my telco lines and got the iPhone 3GS 32 Gb model. The iPhone certainly lives up to its hype. And I find that I am beginning to get use to the Qwerty keyboard as I spent hours on it. It is also very intuitive. Double-tap on the spacebar gives a full-stop. And you can actually input figures and symbols with one stroke instead of having to tap the figure/symbols icon and so forth. Slowly but surely, I am going over to the Dark Side and I wonder why it has taken me so long. The iPhone is fantastic!

My point in writing this is to hope that Fitaly can quickly come out with something for the iPhone. If not, it will probably go the way of many other support elements of the Windows Mobile platform. A good example is the stylus itself. All the WM PDAs are beginning to switch to the capacitance screen of the iPhone - good examples are the HTC HD2 and the Samsung Omnia 2. The HD2 does not even come with a stylus. Companies that survive on selling the stylus for PDAs will go bust as they become irrelevant. You just cannot beat technology. Also, I like the fact that the iPhone comes with keyboards for so many other languages!

Now I am not too sure whether I would switch back to Fitaly IF (not WHEN) an iPhone Fitaly keyboard comes out.

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