Please, it makes economic sense to react - pure and simple

Re: Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone -- Grouchycabi
Posted by Grouchycabi , 01/21/2010, 21:48:19 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Is it so difficult to see it? With all due respect, who is this Kyle VanHemert and is what he said so critical?

CHANGE is the only constant in our life!

Come on man, nine out of ten persons around me have switched to the iPhones.

It is very plain and simple - create the Fitaly for the iPhone and you will see a huge increase in your revenue. The numbers don't lie.

Why keep on insisting Fitaly is a niche product?

I have been using Fitaly since 2000. I hope to be able to continue to use it. But your intransigence saddens me.

Please, I implore you, it is time to move on to the next level!!!

Thank you for reading and do have a nice day.

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