React or Not React

Re: Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone -- Grouchycabi
Posted by Marianne , 01/05/2010, 19:51:40 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Fitaly is a niche market product. It is the efficiency-conscious and innovation-receptive handheld users who have adopted Fitaly as a better stylus input solution.

With the new cap screens and multiple platforms, it may be urgent for Fitaly to wait before taking the next step. As Kyle VanHemert puts it in one of his articles about new devices like tablets: "... a gadget ... focused on streaming the stuff you read, the stuff you listen to, and the stuff you watch... keeping typing to a minimum and offering a literal hands-on web surfing experience."

I agree with Jud that fingerboarding may be wonderful to have for common chores (or entertainment), and we definitely have it on the wishlist.

That is all I can say for the moment,


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