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Re: Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone -- Grouchycabi
Posted by JudH , 12/31/2009, 05:38:19 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I need to vent a bit on this :) . . . .

>> A good example is the stylus itself. All the WM PDAs are beginning
>> to switch to the capacitance screen of the iPhone - good examples
>> are the HTC HD2 and the Samsung Omnia 2. The HD2 does not even come
>> with a stylus.

Only because HTC couldn't get the bugs out of their capacitive stylus in time for HD2 release--it's coming.

This is really just a case of newby smartphone users not realizing they are missing something because they've never had it. There are lots of applications out there that simply can't be done without a stylus. Try finding a program like PhatPad for the iPhone or any non-stylus ppc. I've got dozens of detailed charts and line drawings that I can create or modify on either the ppc or the tablet pc and sync back and forth. Even an Excel spreadsheet benefits from a stylus.

Sure, finger touch is better for common chores but the stylus will stick around for power users. And cap screens aren't the end-all, there are at least two methods being developed to allow both multi-touch and passive stylus to work together on resistive screens.

>> They have been singing praises of the tens of thousand of fantastic
>> Apps for the iPhone

You *do* know that there are just as many applications for the PPC and Smartphones from sites like Handango, PocketGear and many others. And many of those are major apps that that have had years of fixes and enhancements not a $5 product whipped out in 15 minutes and that won't have any support in 6 months?

Jud in Dallas happily running Fitaly on my HTC Pure (WM6.5) and Motion Tablet PC.

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