RE: Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone

Re: RE: Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone -- JudH
Posted by chrisrees , 01/01/2010, 15:37:48 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I suspect that Jud is missing the point. I am a dedicated stylus user, but the fact is that the market is moving in the direction of finger touch and like other contributors to this theme, I would hate to see Fitaly lose out and disappear. You can still use a stylus whenever you wish, and indeed some applications require it, but that is not an argument for not providing a finger-friendly version.

As to the price issue, Jud has evidently not looked on the App Store. Many of the apps are elaborate, sophisticated and capable. They were not whipped out in 15 minutes. The typical standard of polish is a good deal higher than that of many Windows apps. But the key point is that the price point is much lower. This is a trend that has been continuing since I started in the industry in the 1970s, when apps cost hundreds of thousand of dollars, and of course a few still do but they are certainly in the minority. (They were called packages in those days.) It's entirely up to Textware Solutions how they price the product, but if it's pitched too high, they may lose out.


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