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Re: RE: Fitaly MUST react or lose out as more users take to the iPhone -- JudH
Posted by rsx , 01/18/2010, 17:05:59 Reply Top of Thread Forum

It does not matter for Fitaly if the future is in capacitive screens, keyboards or finger touch. People will use whichever is better suited for their needs.

The issue is that Fitaly is tied to Windows Mobile. I started using Pocket PC on an iPAQ many, many years ago, and just finished with an HTC Touch Pro. I got tired of resetting the phone two or three times a day, having it hang when I needed it, just the utter frustration of an OS that didn't function properly.

I bit the bullet and moved to an iPhone. Ok, I feel like I went over to the darkside, taken over by a pod in Night of the Living Dead, but fact is the iPhone works. So does my daughter's Blackberry. And notice that HTC, MS's major smartphone partner, has become a big supporter of Android.

Personally, I believe that Windows Mobile (now Windows Phone) is past the tipping point, on the way to phasing out of the smartphone segment. This happened to Palm a few years ago. No matter how good the Pre and Pixi may be Palm will never get back into the game, people just won't switch from Blackberry, iPhone and Android to Palm. And they won't switch back to Windows Phone either, no matter how good when (or IF) version 7 ever appears.

That's why Fitaly needs to move on, port over to Android or iPhone or something else, or, unfortunately, it will disappear.

Sell many copies of Fitaly for Palm lately?

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