Did I install correctly?

Re: Final versions -- dated March 31 -- with documentation -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Gary L. Matthews , Sun, Apr 06, 2003, 17:55:27 Top Forum

Dear Jean & friends,

Thanks for the final version of FS3. One question:

With my m515, I disabled FitalyStamp in X-Master, then ran the install program and did a HotSync. However, I didn't notice till afterward the instruction that I should have first *deleted* all Fitaly-related programs.

Does this mean that I didn't get the newest code installed? If the new programs are in the HotSync update queu, would they not download and overwrite the old ones? How would I check or verify this?

I did notice that the program installed the latest version of Fitaly Letris -- a slightly better one than before.

One thing I'd rather not do is delete my FitalyCustomSlidesDB file, and the DB file that controls the application bar. I've customized these very heavily. Of course, I could if need be overwrite them, then restore them from a backup. But is it possible to do a clean install of the upgrade -- WITHOUT deleting these important customization files?

Cordial regards,

Gary Matthews

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