Final versions -- dated March 31 -- with documentation

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Thu, Apr 03, 2003, 21:34:12   Forum

We just posted the final versions -- datet 2003-March-31 -- and it includes the full new documentation, made of several html documents. Just follow the link at the bottom for the revised overview.

You can get to the root of the documents by opening the Read This First for each of the products:

FitalyStamp 3 - Read This First

FitalyVirtual 3 - Read This First

Alternatively you can download from the following links:

Download FitalyStamp 3 - Windows Installer

Download FitalyStamp 3 - Zip version

Download FitalyVirtual 3 - Windows Installer

Download FitalyVirtual 3 - Zip version

Normally, we recommend using the Windows Installer, unless you believe in doing manually what can be done automatically by a program :)

Jean Ichbiah
Related link: Revised Overview to FitalyStamp3 and FitalyVirtual3

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