Same problem in Palm Address Book

Re: Slides for CAPS in SplashShopper -- Adrian Smith
Posted by Gary L. Matthews , Mon, Mar 24, 2003, 19:16:20 Top Forum

I seem to have the same problem you describe in the standard Palm Address Book organizer. This is on a Palm m515 (though I used to experience the same thing with an m500).

Like you, I experience the problem with the "pen down" setting, but not if I set it to "pen up".

I'm not sure what is the downside, if any, to a "pen up" setting. I think I recall reading somewhere about it in the documentation, or perhaps in a posting to this forum. But, I've slept since then!

The problem happens because the Address Book software is trying to auto-complete lines it recognizes. For example, since I'm in Tennessee, most "state" fields read "TN". If I start one with a "T", then the program inserts "TN", but with the "N" highlighted so that if I instead type "TX", it will work.

However, with Fitaly running (in pen-down mode), the first time I type "T" in that field, what pops up is "tTN", with the "N" highlighted. Then I can finish the field, but I have to go back and edit it. Bummer.

Pen up seems to solve this problem -- but it should not be a problem to start out with. It seems to me that the address book should have an option to turn off this auto-complete behavior: I'd prefer that to what I'm getting. Or Fitaly should recognize and adapt, without having to use the pen-up mode. But maybe there's a reason this isn't feasible.

Any suggestions?

Cordial best wishes,


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