Slides for CAPS in SplashShopper

Posted by Adrian Smith , Sun, Mar 23, 2003, 19:37:12   Forum

I am having a problem with entering CAPS using slides in Splash Data applications (at the moment it seems to be happening in SplashShopper - I thought I remembered it happening in SplashID but I can't reproduce it now). Basically when I start entering text in a new field the first letter is entered in lower case and the I get the upper case letter when the slide is completed.

This seems to go away when I change the options from "Keys sent at:" to "Pen Up" rather than "Pen Down".

Why is this happening?
Is there something I can the Splash developers so they can fix it (I don't have the problem in other applications)?
Is the any disadvantage to leaving the setting at "Pen Up"?


Adrian Smith

PS I'm using the demo of Fitaly Stamp 3 on a Tungsten but I had the same problem with Fitaly Stamp 2 on my Palm IIIc

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