Fitaly 3 RC1 Custom Slides

Posted by Christen Lofland , Thu, Feb 06, 2003, 07:44:23   Forum

I just loaded Fitaly 3 rc 1 on my M505 and I cannot get custom slides to work for anything.

No matter what I do, all I get from any slide is a capital letter. I've tried putting many things into custom slides for testing purposes, but all I get is caps. This of course keeps the app menu and mru menu from working too.

I've wiped out everything on the unit from Fitaly and reinstalled.
Soft reset several times.
Adjusted the length for short and long slides.
Set custom to both short and long slides.
Set Caps only and Caps & Custom for slides.
Run the "Fix Database" many times under Test Options.

Nothing seems to work. I just get caps.

I don't have any other hacks active.

Any clues?

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