Already adjusted slide lengths & new version

Re: Adjust sliding length... -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Christen Lofland , Thu, Feb 06, 2003, 09:27:55 Top Forum

As I said, I already tried adjusting the slide lengths.

I did download the new version also, and it acts the same.

I'm not running any hacks other than Fitaly.

Slides work, but I just get caps, on short or long slides. I don't get any custom slides even though it is set to Caps & Custom.

I can try adjusting the slide lengths again. I tried many normal and wild values trying to elliminate that issue. I can tell that the change in slide lenghts has an affect on how far I have to slide to get caps, but nothing gives me the custom affect. With short slides set to 2 and long set to 99 and custom set to short slides, just the slightest slide give me a cap.

Thanks for any help. I can't help but think if I have this problem, others will too.

If you think it will help in testing, I'll back up my unit and hard reset it and try again before I restore. I don't want to bother with that unless it will be worth the trouble though.

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