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Re: Checklist -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Alan Weiner , Fri, Feb 07, 2003, 00:14:30 Top Forum

I've got to agree with Jean - there are a lot of things to double-check if slides aren't working. And don't feel dumb if you didn't get it - I've gotten caught several times; even recently I did some showing off, and accidentally hit "none" on Select Slides...

The only change I'd suggest above is rather than using

I'm also finding that I'm decreasing the setting for slide lengths - I've got short = 4 and long = 15. That's about half a cell height for short slides and from one cell to another for a long slide. But that's just me; your milage may vary... :)

And I'm "naturally" becoming more accurate in my slide length; I almost always get the correct result.

- Al -

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