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If you use an iOS device and you'd like different soft keyboard, such
as Fitaly, to be available, Apple needs to make an API available to

The following is the link to Apple's suggestion box for the iPhone

I have used it to suggest they make APIs available. It might also be something Apple could license from the makers of Fitaly to include with a future version of iOS.

Frankly anyone seeing Fitaly should see the sense that keyboard makes. In iOS5 Apple added a keyboard for emotion icons, fitaly is MUCH more useful.

Another thing we can do it pass that link around other places where folks are complaining about the keyboard.

Indeed that link and a Link to show non-Fitaly users who are complaining about the iOS keyboard what Fitaly looks like.

Just add

What is Fitaly? See

Again folks using these devices who SEE fitaly will understand the point.

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