Fitaly for iPhone

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Posted by patrickwest , 12/16/2011, 17:04:26 Reply Top of Thread Forum


I'd love to see fitaly for iOS devices. But until Apple has APIs and internal permissions such that the folks at Textware Solutions can create and sell a version of Fitaly, there simply will not be one.

Frankly I doubt they "laughing at things like 'business plan', 'strategic planning' and 'profits'".

I think they spent a lot of time and money on moving from the PalmOS to Mobile Windows and Tablet Windows.

We all saw what M$ did to Mobile Windows. And does anyone recall M$ launching the "Tablet PC" era in 2002?

I don't think "Textware Solutions" has any employees left. I think it is just the owners who are making their living working elsewhere.

If and when Apple ever opens things up I'm sure "Textware Solutions" will do a version of Fitly for iOS.

In the meantime I'm sure they are spending what little spare time they have working on a Fitaly keyboard for Windows 8 "Metro" Tablets. Which because of M$ Non Disclosure Agreements they can not discuss.

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