Fitaly as an iOS app? via "stand-alone StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK"

Re: Has anyone tried "StyleTap" to run a Palm Fitaly on jailbroken iPhone? -- Robert Carnegie 2010
Posted by Robert Carnegie 2010 , 12/08/2011, 19:42:25 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Update: a new StyleTap product might (I suppose) allow PalmOS Fitaly to run as a separate iOS application that can be offered in the Apple App Store, subject to acceptance.

However, this might allow Fitaly only to communicate with the iOS clipboard - or maybe not even that: maybe you would have to look at running a favourite PalmOS application with its own copy of Fitaly, that just happens to be running on an Apple device.

Apparently the PalmOS publisher has to "insert the Palm application (.prc and .pdb files) and your StyleTap license information into the StyleTap Platform configuration within the Xcode project. Finally you will build the Xcode project to generate the iOS application."

That sounds easy enough, but I'm not sure about the details...

...and it sounds like we could even do it ourselves. Not that we would - would we?

Related link: StyleTap presents their iOS Wrapper SDK

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