Has anyone tried "StyleTap" to run a Palm Fitaly on jailbroken iPhone?

Re: Fitaly on iPhone/iPod Touch -- Michael7
Posted by Robert Carnegie 2010 , 06/09/2011, 13:13:08 Reply Top of Thread Forum

StyleTap's product apparently isn't permitted on the Apple App Store, so you need to "jailbreak" an iPhone or iPad, which annoys Apple. But what have -they- done for us lately? Well, apparently, they've taken a look at features of Android and decided they like them - but apart from that?

The main other problem would be that Fitaly is especially sensitive to any bugs or differences in the design of Palm device that it's running on - such as the software that rotated your display sideways. As far as I remember (it's been a while), I wore a Zire wrist-computer for a while using that, but I wasn't using Fitaly on it. So it's hard to say if this would work... well, was there a primitive, non pop-up version of Fitaly, very early on?

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