Stamp works well with Tungsten

Re: Can you describe the Stamps themselves -- Mike Roselius
Posted by Gary L. Matthews , Tue, Mar 25, 2003, 13:25:21 Top Forum

Dear Mike,

Although I don't own a Tungsten, I've studied the stamp setups of folks who do. So far as I can tell, the stamp works on that machine just like it does on my m515.

The polyester strikes me as similar to a screen protector, but opaque, and probably even tougher. It membrane is thin enough to not interfere with tap sensitivity. (Mine, in fact, I've covered with one of the transparent screen-protector sheets; and both layers together seem not to affect response in the slightest.)

The stamp is self-adhesive; and the quality of the adhesive amazes me. Be careful to roll it on gently, pressing out air bubbles as you go along (you can't get rid of one from the middle, after the stamp is in place). Once affixed, it will adhere tightly, without slipping or loosening. You can later lift it up and it comes away without leaving any residue. (At least that has been my experience, thus far.) Unless you have a corner flapping around in the wind -- and obviously, you won't -- you needn't worry about getting it caught in the Tungsten slider. Even if it did, you'd likely need a perpendicular pull, not a pull parallel with the plate, to loosen it.

Again, this is just a list of impressions: Please let's hear from actual Tungsten owners, who can speak with more authority. But I don't think you'll be disappointed with the quality.

Best regards,


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