Can you describe the Stamps themselves

Posted by Mike Roselius , Tue, Mar 25, 2003, 09:00:17   Forum

I am considering upgrading to FitalyStamp for my Tungsten - but I am finding it difficult to get a clear understanding of what the "registered" version of the stamp looks like. It is described as a polyester stamp - but I am not sure what that means exactly. Does it adhere to the graffitti area by itself like a screen protector - or do you need to apply some type of tape?

Also - how does it play with the Tungsten's slider? Would hate to open up my unit - and find the stamp had come off, and is lodged inside the Palm - yikes!

Anyway - would appreciate any feedback on how the stamp works on the Tungsten - and more importantly, what it is made of (like) and how it sticks to the screen.


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