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Re: Is FStamp the only choice for my Tungsten? -- Mike Roselius
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Thu, Mar 20, 2003, 15:01:42 Top Forum

Yes the stamp is the only current choice. It is a question of feasibility as discussed in prior threads (see link below).

In a nutshell, the Palm OS is not a real windowing system and requires certain tricks to simulate windows. While these tricks do well for a temporary 123 use, they are insufficient for a real keyboard (unless you avoid the problem by making the keyboard full-screen, which is atrocious when entering addresses).

Perhaps Palm OS 6 or 7 will allow real windows... Perhaps by them all Palms will follow the Sony example of a Virtual Graffiti area and the problem will disappear.

I love fitaly - can't imagine not using it - but it seems a little crazy to have to tape this 25 cent template on my $500 handheld.

Maybe both the TT and the Stamp should be repriced at $250. No objection :-))

Does the majority really prefer Stamp to the original?

Opinions vary. The majority likes the fact that no screen space is preempted. There is also a vocal minority.

And how well does this template play with the slider on the Tungsten?

This works very well. (Actually, I wished someone marketed a plastic clip to keep the TT open.

Jean Ichbiah

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