Is FStamp the only choice for my Tungsten?

Posted by Mike Roselius , Thu, Mar 20, 2003, 11:15:36   Forum

I have been a fitaly user since the EARLY days. Heck, I even remember when StandAlone had a version for the Newton that they had to discontinue.

I just purchased a Tungsten and in visiting this site for an update - I discover that the only solution I have to choose from is to duct tape a cheezy template onto the bottom of my unit - covering the graffitti area - i.e. Fitaly Stamp.

I love fitaly - can't imagine not using it - but it seems a little crazy to have to tape this 25 cent template on my $500 handheld. Are the days of the onscreen keyboard gone?

Does the majority really prefer Stamp to the original? And how well does this template play with the slider on the Tungsten?

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