Re: Not reproduced -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Danny , Sun, Feb 16, 2003, 20:26:12 Top Forum

I've tried almost everything and I'm still having problems. I ended up deleting FitalyStamp3, FitalySetup3, and FitalyCustomSlidesDB - and then re-installing FitalyStamp3 and FitalySetup3. So I started with a clean custom slide database, but I did notice that the selected slides did not go back to default. I only select the E and W slides. As a test I only activated the W slide and customized 'b' to input 'but'. In addition to the W slide, NW, N, and NE slides all come out 'but' instead of 'B'.

I still have the other problem also. I made the E slide for '123' register a ‹command› stroke. When I make the E slide, it actually types out 'command›' - no command stroke.

I don't know what else to do next. Please help. Oh, I have a Clie T615C.


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