Problem with custom slides

Posted by Danny ® , Mon, Feb 10, 2003, 20:05:59   Forum

I'm having issues with custom slides. Hopefully, you'll be able to duplicate this.

I have East and West slides activated, but for some reason, whatever I designate as my left (west) slide becomes the default for NW, N, and NE. The only way I can get a capital letter is SW, S, or SE. (East slide is another custom input). For example, I've programmed 't' as 'the' (west) and 'The' (east). I should get a 'T' in any other direction, right? But I still get 'the' with a NW, N, or NE stroke.

Another problem I've had is special shortcuts. I made the east slide for the '123' button a shortcut for ‹command›, but when I do the slide, I get command›, not the actual diagonal stroke that makes the bar at the bottom pop into view.

Anybody else experience this? Everything else is beautiful, by the way.


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