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Re: Custom Slides -- Blair Martin
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sun, Feb 16, 2003, 18:12:14 Top Forum

4. Direction of slides: I find it hard to control the angle of custom slides. I tried defining three custom slides on the same letter, 45 degrees apart. So far, I've not been able to pick them out reliably.

If you are going to use several directions, it is good to slide deliberately from center to center. For example, NE of n by going from the center of n to the center of a.

A question for the designers: do you determine the angle of a slide from the start and end points, or do you sense the initial direction by calculating direction from two closely spaced points at the beginning of the slide?

Start and End points. In other words, we look at the pen down (start) and pen up (end) coordinates. This explains why the center-to-center technique is reliable. Not also that sampling intermediate points would be time-consuming and slow.

5. Caps vs. custom slides: So far, I think I prefer using short slides for caps, since I expect to use caps more frequently. However, that may change as I find more uses for custom slides.

In practice, you have a capital every second line -- 1% of the characters. Hence it is usually preferable to use short slides for the custom ones.

Jean Ichbiah

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