Custom Slides

Posted by Blair Martin , Sat, Feb 15, 2003, 10:02:46   Forum

After downloading the demo, it was only a few days before I purchased a licence (license). It's going to be part of my life!

The concept of custom slides is so powerful that it will probably take people weeks to find the settings that suit them best. Here's my thinking so far:

1. Direction of primary slides:
On first trying it, I thought it would be best to choose a comfortable direction for sliding from any key. You can do that if the direction is East or West, but for me, South or South-West seemed more natural but of course it doesn't work on the bottom row. Only when I read the manual (yes!!!) did I see it might be better to choose down-strokes for the top rows and up-strokes for the bottom ones.

2. Length of short slide:
It should be as short as possible, otherwise you have to make the long slides very long, and it becomes awkward to make them. However, if short slides are too short you can make them accidentally, because when you're typing in a hurry you'll occasionally slide the stylus a little as you make a normal tap.

3. Length of long slide:
It needs to be long enough to minimize the risk of getting a short slide when you want a long one. But the longer you make it, the more awkward it becomes to make the slide.

4. Direction of slides:
I find it hard to control the angle of custom slides. I tried defining three custom slides on the same letter, 45 degrees apart. So far, I've not been able to pick them out reliably.

A question for the designers: do you determine the angle of a slide from the start and end points, or do you sense the initial direction by calculating direction from two closely spaced points at the beginning of the slide?

5. Caps vs. custom slides:
So far, I think I prefer using short slides for caps, since I expect to use caps more frequently. However, that may change as I find more uses for custom slides.


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