Possible conflict with TextPlus

Posted by Julian Dommett , Tue, Feb 11, 2003, 00:43:50   Forum

On my Tungsten T, TextPlus doesn't work well with FS. TextPlus is an application similar to the old WordComplete.

In WordSmith, TextPlus usually won't work at all if using FS.

In HanDbase, Quicksheet and Datebk5 TextPlus won't work properly. If TextPlus is set up to appear after 3 letters, you must tap out 4, then backspace. TextPlus's custom selection of words and phrases will then pop up. To get a different selection, you have to type 5 letters, then backspace; and so on. Note that TextPlus will work properly using Jot instead of FS - even though FS is still enabled.

All the applications mentioned above are the latest version. My Tungsten T is however an early model, having bought it on the day it became available in London (31st October 2002). I'm not sure whether the TextPlus problem is a quirk of my TT or a genuine conflict between applications.

The difficulty may actually be with Jot. I recently reinstalled Jot, having abandoned it when I first tried Fitaly, as I wanted to be ready for 'Graffiti 2'. But I notice, for example, that it interferes with the built-in Palm Note Pad (you now have to tap the pen icon twice to get going).

I am a long-time Fitaly fan, using the on-screen version on my previous Palms. I quickly got used to FS, and actually now prefer it, mainly because the overlay is so easy to see in ordinary light, and doesn't hide the screen. I expect I will in due course enjoy a backlit Fitaly Virtual once Palm put out a long-screen model. The point is, I use FS for at least two or three hours a day often in long sessions and I am very concerned to get it working well with other applications.

This said, there is a strong temptation not to pause for TextPlus to appear, and just carry on tapping in an even flow - as you would if entering text on a full-sized keyboard. I have indeed always thought that using Fitaly is like very rapid one-finger typing, and that speed chiefly depends on a consistently high rate of accurate key-hits. The latest custom slides in all directions are a whole world of potential, and I intend to devise a logical system of custom words and phrases as a substitute for TextPlus, whether or not the difficulty can be fixed.

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