One way to remove any remaining objection...

Re: Great suggestion -- Juergen Schaefer
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sun, Feb 09, 2003, 20:32:51 Top Forum

The one remaining objection is that the English writer who currently uses the long slide of u to get the capital U would now get the with umlaut instead, and would have to do a long West slide to get U.

One possibility is to change the defaults for capital slides of vowels to just capitals. German users who need and and will soon change them manually. The majority of current (English) users will get the capitals they are used to.

Interestingly, in French the practice is mixed. It used to be that capitals were never accented and it is only in the past 10 years that a trend has started to use accented capitals. So the default would correspond to one of the two practices.

Jean Ichbiah

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