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Posted by Casper Lassenius , Sun, Feb 09, 2003, 00:56:35 Top Forum


I actually thought of the idea of a launch macro but decided not to suggest it, since I feel the appbar is good enough for my needs, and because a launch macro really does not solve the problem "perfectly". I also think that the launch macro could lead to problems. Imagine doing a slide that by mistake got too long, and then finding yourself in another application instead of with a wrong character. Not good. Also, the operations I requested demand more than opening "Prefs".

The problem with toggling sound/bluetooth is that they currently demand several steps:
1) Starting preferences (via appbar etc.)
2) Selecting the right section of the prefs (Bluetooth or Sound)
3) Selecting the option

Pre OS 5 I always used the "Silent hack" to do the silencing for me when I took my Palm into a meeting.

For Bluetooth, I prefer to keep it off when I'm not using it, since it draws unnecessary power. This means that, to read email, I'll have to do all the above steps, start the mail client, and do the steps again to turn bluetooth off. I imagine a world in which a slide on the fitaly keyboard could turn BT on/off, after which I could just launch the application, e.g, using the appbar.

There are shareware utilities to help with the Bluetooth problem aswell. I think the fact that there are popular utilities for solving both the silencing and the Bluetooth on/off issue is indicates the need to make these two operations much easier than they currently are on the Palm. I basically don't have a problem with buying good utilities, but I think this is yet another way Fitaly really could shine. The way I saw it implemented in my mind was by adding "Toggle BT" and "Toggle Sound" as special macros to assign to slides. General? No. Workable yes. And fits with the Palm philosophy of solving common and important problems instead of all possible ones at a general level.

Using this kinds of utilities/hacks with fitaly can also have some issues. The utilities/hacks often require you to make, e.g., a specific gesture/slide in the graffiti area. Of course, you could a) turn fitaly off, b) do the gesture/slide, c) turn fitaly on. But, again, this is more cumbersome than just doing the slide on the fitaly keyboard.

You opened up a box of worms by starting to implement launch and mru list functions (I love them!)

I understand if you don't feel like doing this, and will remain a humble and satisfied long-time fitaly customer nonetheless, with prefs in the appbar :-)

All the best & thanks for again taking the product not a step but a huge leap further!


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