Other Examples -- and how to write ‹command›

Re: Version 3 macro use -- Steve Carter
Posted by Jean Ichbiah ® , Sat, Feb 08, 2003, 16:06:06 Top Forum

Nice example Steve.

A quick note on writing examples in this forum. If you just write ‹command› the forum software interprets it as html and swallows it :-)

The trick is to avoid using the < and > brackets and use instead the higher-value brackets ‹ and › which are actually the ones used by FitalyStamp. An easy way to write them is to use the html convention: &#139 for ‹ and &#155; for ›

Two other similar examples:

-- ‹command› --
-- ds‹shortcut› --‹enter›
Meeting on ds‹shortcut›: ‹enter›

The first ones gets the clipboard contents between -- and the second prints something like:

-- 03-2-8 --

The third prints a header:

Meeting on 03-02-8:

Jean Ichbiah

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