Doing Done by a Macro requires a /Q in the application

Re: Pressing a button in a macro? -- Steve Carter
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sat, Feb 08, 2003, 20:46:24 Top Forum

My custom slide opens a note and enters a keyword. On the Palm note screen there is a "DONE" button. Is there any way to "press" that button with a macro? That would return me to the Datebook screen, which is what I want. Of course, it's only one tap, but doing it in a macro is more fun!

I am afraid we are stumbling on one of the limitations of Palm OS: the absence of a key to close an application or do the equivalent of Done. Windows uses Alt FX or Alt F4 but the Palm has nothing like it (the Palm designers had this vision of eternal applications that would never end :)

This is a question for applications such as for DateBk5: It would be a good idea to have a shortcut such as /Q to do the equivalent of Done or Quit. Of course, it would be best if such a convention were common to all applications.

Jean Ichbiah

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